Light-curing flowable composite ENAMELITE
  • Light-curing flowable composite ENAMELITE

Light-curing flowable composite ENAMELITE

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Avail. shades: A2,A3,A3.5. Enamelite is a light-curing flowable microhybrid composite for use in the anterior and posterior regions, with a filler content of 61%.

This restorative material exhibits impressive marginal adaptation and high shade stability and is highly radiopaque. With its compressive strength of 340 MPa, it provides high load-bearing capacity and guarantees lasting fillings.



ENAMELITE ® is a liquid, light-curable, micro hybrid filler material for use in dental cavities front and rear, wherein the filler content is 61%. This material is distinguished by excellent and long-lasting marginal integrity, high color stability and a clear contrast on radiographs. Compressive strength 340 MPa row ensures high durability fill.

Enamelite ® is ideal for use in cervical cavities wedge, class V cavities, small, shallow cavities and extended fissure sealing in the case. Polished to a high gloss.

In periodontology Enamelite ® is used as a cosmetic material for maintenance and masking of all types of rails and nets pathologically stabilizing loose teeth. Syringe 5 g color A2 Universal 4050, A3 Universal A3.5 brown 4054. Accessories: tips 1 pack - 3 pcs 4058




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