Dental floss Oral-B Essentialfloss 50m

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50m, mint. Dental floss Cavity Defense for removing plaque from areas with difficult access for regular toothbrush. Floss does not fray at the same time pushes easily between teeth and below the gum line.


Dental floss Oral-B Essential Floss ® consists of a suitable polymer-coated fiber, which helps in removing plaque in a convenient and easy way. It resists tearing and fraying and easily pushed into the interdental spaces.

Istructions of use:

  1. It should extend about 50 cm of thread and wrap loosely around the middle fingers (more threads on one finger than the other) to between the toes remained approximately 2 cm floss.
  2. Tighten the floss with your thumb and index fingers, and then slide it gently into the slot interdental. Floss to slide slowly towards the gums.
  3. Then, wrap the floss around the tooth in a C-shaped sliding it carefully up and down and under the gum line. Take a clean piece of thread when you go to the next tooth.

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