Dental burs Balls with extended neck (fig. 002) medium layer

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Dental diamond burs Balls with extended neck (flange) shape (ISO FIG. 002) blue stripe (medium, No. 524, 91 microns) galvanized with gold FG Goldtech Multilayer made of tool steel of high hardness. For the speed of motor: 30 - 300,000 rpm. Each drill has multiple layers of synthetic diamond.

Średnica Φ 1/10 mm

Gold-plated FG diamond drills Goldtech Multilayer made of special tool steel with increased servicing life. Each drill has layers made of synthetic diamonds for greater cutting power and extended use. Drills are designed for motor speeds range 30,000 to 300,000 rpm.

Available color of the strip (bar): blue (medium, No. 524, 91 microns)

Made in Germany in accordance with ISO 9000.

The use of colored stripes code provides faster and more secure operation. burs should be used according to the sequence of colors - from dark to light strip.

Note: Only one color can be omitted in the process of preparation!

The colors of the bar on the drill and packaging are consistent with ISO code.

The sequence for the preparation of diamond drill bits:

  1. very thick (black, No. 544, 151 microns)
  2. thick (green, No. 534, 121 microns)
  3. average (blue, No. 524, 91 microns)
  4. fine (red, No. 514, 54 microns)
  5. very small (yellow, No. 504, 20 microns)
  6. smooth (white)