Dental etchant Blue Etch

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Liquid dental etchant.
2 ml (2.6 g) syringe + set of applicators
10 ml (13g) syringe + dispenser, connector, set of applicators

Dental etchant for etching enamel and dentin. Active ingredient: 36% o-phosphoric preparation used for adhesion increase of chemo and light-curable fillings and orthodontic appliances, and before the application of composite materials, dental lacquer into occlusal pit and fissure. Reaction of o-phosphoric acid and mineral components of the tooth, causing fogging and increase adhesion of the enamel.

Recognized by dentists and orthodontists as the best Polish etch dental, winner of many prizes and awards at various trade fairs and events dentistry.

Kit consists of a syringe aggregate 50 ml syringe adapter, and 3 applications.

Available packaging: 50 ml + syringe dispenser, connector, a set of applicators


Blue Etch 2ml

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