Composite Herculite XRV 5g syringe

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Avail. colors: dentin or enamel: A1,A2,A3,A3.5,B1,B2,B3,B4,C1,C2,C3,C4,D2,D3,D4. Cervical: red-brown,grey-brown,yellow-brown. Nodular, incisors: 2.5g each (light and medium). The composite micro-hybrid material Herculite XRV. Composites with high durability, excellent mechanical resistance and exceptional aesthetic properties.


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Manufactured by Kerr Herculite XRV composite is the only one in the world that remains in the sale from so many years and still enduring success. This success is the result of material properties, which provided the promise of quality, durability and aesthetics. Herculite was introduced for sale in 1985 as the first universal submicron composite material. The composite from the beginning has become a standard in the field of durability, excellent mechanical strength and a good aesthetic characteristics.

Results of clinical studies and observations of doctors confirm that even after 20 years of filling from the material Herculite look great. In numerous scientific researches it is treated as material pattern of comparing the other composite structures.

Features and Benefits

The high content of the filler (about 79% weight.)
average particle size of about 0.6μm filler.
Many years of clinical observations demonstrating the durability and quality
Good plasticity allowing any molding and shaping of the composite

A very wide range of colors gives great versatility and powerful aesthetic (16 shades of enamel, 16 dentin, 2 incisors, 3 cervical). Shades are compatible with VITA shade guide.

Optimal density - ease of application in the cavity.



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