Disposable Needles for injections BD Microlance 3 100 pcs

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Avail. sizes: 04x19, 05x25 mm. Needles for pens (injectors), disposable, for injection BD Microlance 3 made of stainless steel. They are characterized by adequate sharpness and endurance, three dimensional blade.

Silicone oil has been used in them as an oil agent.

They can be used intracutaneously (intradermally) and subcutaneously, intravenously and intramuscularly



Disposable Needles for injections BD Microlance 3. Needles for pens (injectors), for injection


  • fitting, versatility
  • stainless steel
  • appropriate focus and strength
  • three-dimensional blade
  • silicone oil used therein as an oil agent
  • used intra-and subcutaneously, intravenously and intramusculariously

Available sizes: 04x19 (27G x 3/4", Nr. 20), 05x25mm (27Gx1", Nr. 18)



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