effect PF BLUE Nitrile gloves

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Effect PF disposable diagnostic nitrile gloves with their flexibility

and high breaking strength are equal to latex gloves, and at the same time they are safe for people allergic to natural latex.

They provide excellent precision of the grip and a high level of protection against infections.


- synthetic - no allergic reactions caused by natural latex proteins,

- manufactured according to the latest technologies, medical product, certified

- high chemical resistance,

- the textured surface of the fingers allows a precise grip,

- strong and durable, AQL <1.5 (tightness)

- comfortable, flexible, adjusting to the hand,

- ended with a rolled cuff,

- universal shape fits both hands,

- powder-free - no risk of contamination with a powdery agent,

As diagnostic and protective gloves, they meet the requirements of two Directives:

- regarding medical devices: MDD - 93/42 / EEC of June 14,

1993 amended by Directive 2007/47 / EC,
- relating to personal protective equipment: PPE - 2016/425 In addition, they meet the requirements of the standards:
EN 455, EN 420, EN 374 and have documents confirming approval
for contact with food
effect PF BLUE

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