Red'Ox Ag12. 5000 ml

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The preparation is registered in the biocides database, reg. No. 1474 / TP / 2020.

For fogging space. The product is used to disinfect surfaces, using the effect of oxygen on microorganisms.

In addition, refreshing and supports the fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It can also be used in cosmetology.

The presence of colloidal silver further enhances the bactericidal effect.

Composition of the preparation: 88% deionized water, 12% hydrogen peroxide, less than 0.01% orthophosphoric acid (stabilizer), 20 ppm colloidal silver.

Apply directly to cleaned and protected surfaces. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated.

Can be used in foggers. When using in foggers, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Packaging: Chemical resistant HDPE canister protected with a hologram, protecting against unauthorized opening.

It has UN approval. Laboratory tested product. Manufactured under the constant supervision of a research laboratory. Secured with a hologram seal.

The preparation should be stored away from heat sources in its original packaging. Keep away from children.

Red'Ox Ag12 5l
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