FluoroDose varnish for fluoridation 0,3 ml

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Fluoridation varnish in a disposable package. Contains 5% sodium fluoride.

Packaging: 0.3 ml 

FluoroDose 0.3 ml - varnish for fluoridation in a disposable package.

Contains 5% sodium fluoride.


Everything you need in one sealed,

ready-to-use package.

One-step application procedure.

No gel or rinse solution.

Excellent inventory transparency.

It also sets quickly in the presence of saliva.

It stays on the tooth surface for up to 6-8 hours for the best fluoride absorption.

It is not necessary to isolate the teeth, the patient can leave the office immediately after application.


The package contains 0.3 ml of varnish and an applicator that helps in mixing the varnish before application and guarantees a constant fluorine content.

Open the package, stir the varnish and apply it to the teeth.

One package is enough to fluoridate the entire dentition.

Flavors to choose from:

caramel, mint, chewing gum, cherry, melon

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