Fuji Triage 50 kapsułek

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Fuji Triage is a glass ionomer material with a protective and cariostatic effect

A unique type of glass ionomer material with a very high level of fluoride release.

Fuji Triage self-curing, without resin additives. It chemically bonds with tooth tissues without the need for etching and the use of bonding systems.

It comes in two colors: white and pink. The curing of the pink material can be accelerated by the light of a halogen lamp (heat).


  • can be used when perfect dryness cannot be achieved; allows to protect partially erupted molars covered with soft tissue;
  • chemically bonding conventional glass ionomer cement without additional resins and the need for etching;
  • hardening of the material in order to protect the filling against dehydration can be accelerated by the visible light of the polymerization lamp; translucent pink shade that allows easy control during subsequent visits;
  • not too thick consistency for easy application; very high level of fluoride release;
  • visible on X-ray pictures. Indications: fissure fillings;
  • prevention and control of hypersensitivity; root surface protection;
  • temporary fillings during endodontic treatment.

Colors available: white and pink.

Available packaging: 50 capsules with a capacity of 0.13 ml.

Fuji Triage kaps