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A modern flow-type composite, light-cured and with unusual colors (9 colors to choose from).

The first such product on the Polish market and the only one produced by a Polish company.

We have prepared it with the youngest patients of dental offices in mind, e.g. for sealing deciduous and permanent teeth.

Indications: cavities of classes I, II, III, IV and V according to Black, quick filling of the cavity, before the final modeling of the occlusal surfaces with non-liquid composites, small or shallow tooth cavities, the first layer when making fillings in situations with limited access to cavities, e.g. very deep II class cavities, around the edges of matrices, etc., filling tunnel-type cavities, filling cavities developed with the air abrasion method, repair of small defects in bridges and crowns, blocking arcades, direct tooth splinting (labial, lingual or palatal), maintaining interdental spaces directly intraorally, helpful in the direct performance of onlay and inlay works.




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