Curasept ADS 205 - liquid mouthwash

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Packaging: 200ml

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The special ADS formula prevents brown discoloration on the teeth and mucosa, even with prolonged use.

There are also no changes in the taste in the mouth, so characteristic of other chlorhexidine solutions.

CURASEPT ADS does not contain alcohol, so it does not irritate the oral mucosa.

Recommended for all those who have difficult oral hygiene, or are undergoing orthodontic and prosthetic treatment.

Especially recommended for children and adolescents, people with diabetes, as well as people with alcohol problems, because this liquid does not contain alcohol like most rinses on the market.

It supports difficult oral hygiene during orthodontic and prosthetic treatment and supports the return to normal oral care.


  • with prolonged use,
  • it strongly inhibits the formation of plaque, complements the difficult care of the oral cavity during orthodontic and prosthetic treatment,
  • the substance does not contain alcohol and the A.D.S system reduces the risk of brown discoloration,
  • supports the return to normal oral care,
  • use for a month.