Curaprox Kids Ultra Soft - toothbrush for kids

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Toothbrush for cool kids. Here is a toothbrush that is sure to win the hearts of children aged 4 to 12 in no time - and do their teeth a favour.

We've placed 5,500 super-soft, fine bristles on the brush head, making brushing a pure pleasure for your child at any time of the day.

The fibers gently but thoroughly remove plaque from the surface of the teeth and leave them as smooth as velvet.

Children will soon realize that brushing their teeth is not as bad as they thought.

Suitable for ages four and up, it's the only toothbrush they'll have no qualms about using - all you have to worry about now is queuing up to the bathroom. Six eye-catching colors, an ergonomic octagonal handle designed for baby's little hands, and a clean feeling like no other.

Brushing your teeth is no longer a chore - it's something you look forward to.

Perfect for children: comfortable grip and compact head that easily reaches every area of ​​the mouth.

What's more, no tooth will be missed thanks to the 5,500 individual Curen® bristles.

In other words, it's goodbye to tooth decay - and hello to healthy teeth and gums.

A toothbrush that keeps children's teeth healthy from 4 to 12 years old

Six cool colors 

Octagonal handle that fits perfectly in both small and large hands

5,500 ultra-fine Curen® fibers (each just 0.09mm in diameter)

Outstanding Performance: Together, 5,500 Curen® fibers create a consistently gentle, highly effective cleaning surface

So good that 'brushing hour' may just end up being rush hour in the bathroom:

after all, if brushing is so enjoyable, your kids will spend more time on each tooth.


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