Curaprox Enzycal 950

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Packaging: 75ml

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Extremely mild Normal fluoride content: 950 ppm.

Double caries protection with sodium fluoride and enzymes to support the natural protective action of saliva. RDA 30: very delicate. Suitable for the whole family - people over 6 years of age. Made in Switzerland.

Gentle, but really powerful: cleans without causing damage and enhances the action of enzymes.

Everything that could possibly be harmful has been eliminated. Instead, it supports the protective function of saliva.

Enzycal does not contain caustic substances.

The caustic foaming agent, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) found in many toothpastes, has been replaced with a neutral agent.

Even the RDA abrasion factor is low. On the other hand, Enzycal toothpaste contains three enzymes present in saliva, substances with beneficial effects for oral hygiene.

A substance that can even repair tooth enamel.

Enzycal toothpaste enzymes stimulate the protective and repairing functions of saliva and prevent dry mouth. In this way, Enzycal toothpaste ensures the health of the teeth, gums and mouth. It tastes as mild as it really is, which is so mild that it even fights mouth ulcers.

Does not contain SLS foaming agent: it is gentle on the mouth Contains enzymes: stimulates the natural protective properties of saliva, supports re-calcification and protects against drying out of the mouth. Enamel-friendly: practically free of caustic agents (RDA 30).

Anti-caries protection with easily absorbable sodium fluoride.

Pleasantly mild mint flavor. Noticeably less plaque and scale 950ppm Sodium Fluoride Suitable for use with a sonic toothbrush


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