Guttapercha plugger

Tax included

Assortment - 6 pcs.
25 mm long in sizes 15-40 or supplementary
packaging - 6 pcs. in one size.


Gutta-percha stud pluggers for vertical (apical) condensation of gutta-percha Pluggers for gutta-percha cones designed for vertical (apical) condensation of gutta-percha.
Pluggers can also be used to condense healing pastes for temporary filling of the canal.
made of stainless dental steel, - have the shape of a cone with an evenly truncated end, ergonomic handle with printed ISO size. Non-sterile products.

They must be sterilized before use. Instruments can be sterilized multiple times in a steam autoclave at 134°C.
Recommended sterilization time 35-40 minutes.
Instruments can be disinfected in mild disinfectants and washed in ultrasonic cleaners.
Very aggressive disinfectants may damage the structure of the material from which the instrument handle is made or discolor it.

Instruments should be stored at room temperature in a dry, dust-free and clean environment.


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