Citric Acid Plus 200g

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Preparation for rinsing root canals.

The only Polish product with such a composition!

The preparation contains 40% citric acid and a surfactant that reduces surface tension.

Packaging: bottle with adapter containing 200 g of the product


Root canal irrigator: cleans the canal, including removal of the smear layer to expose the dentinal tubule orifices before filling the canal.

A description of the action The product contains citric acid, which dissolves well mainly the mineral part of the smear layer. Thanks to the lower surface tension, Citric Acid Plus penetrates much better and penetrates narrow tooth canals.

How to deal with the product Insert the Citric Acid Plus to a depth of about 1.5 - 2 mm less than the working length. Insert the preparation using a syringe with an endodontic needle (with side perforation).

The preparation in the amount of 1 - 2 ml should be placed in the canal after its complete mechanical preparation.

After approx. 1 min. (max. 2 min.) rinse thoroughly, preferably with purified water.

Do not rinse repeatedly and in particular do not rinse repeatedly alternately with hypochlorite.

Do not use sodium hypochlorite immediately after flushing with citric acid or vice versa.

This can lead to the release of chlorine. Rinse the root canal with purified water between the use of other root canal rinsing agents.