G-aenial Universal Flo 3.4 g

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Light-curing, flowable material for direct restoration of all cavity classes.

Due to its exceptional fluidity, it is applied like a liquid composite, however, thanks to the structure, amount and dispersion of filler particles, it is as stable as standard composite materials.

It is characterized by excellent strength, which ensures durable and reliable fillings as well as high polishability and long-lasting gloss. It does not transmit X-rays. The appropriate consistency of the preparation enables easy and trouble-free application, and the construction of the syringe ensures precise application. There are 15 shades available in three levels of translucency. Characteristic

- Abrasion resistance better than traditional pasty composites for optimal use on occlusal and cervical surfaces.

- Balanced viscosity - optimal fluidity for easy application, also good thixotropic properties for shape retention.

- Optimum polishing and high gloss retention over time, balanced physical properties for durable restorations in all indications.


- Direct fillings of class I, IV, III, II and V cavities.

- Sealing of fissures.

- Coating of hypersensitive surfaces.

- Repair of indirect/direct aesthetic restorations, temporary crowns and bridges, margin defects of enamel restorations.

- Blocking arcades.

- Relinings or underlays.

- Fabrication of crowns and bridges, inlays and veneers using the indirect technique in combination with GC Gradia components (please refer to the relevant instructions for use).

- Teeth splinting in combination with fibers such as GC everStick fibers.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

- Adhesive cementation of ceramic and composite inlays, onlays and veneers with a thickness (<2.0 mm) that allows complete light polymerization.

G-aenial Universal Flo 3.4 g

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