Fluoridation foam Floam 150g
  • Fluoridation foam Floam 150g

Fluoridation foam Floam 150g

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Neutral foam fluoride for fluoridation Floam in different flavors. 2% sodium fluoride.


The product in foam for a contact fluoridation of teeth for children over 7 years old and adults with strawberry flavor and peppermint.

100g of Floam foam contains 2.0 Sodium fluoride NaF. (1% fluoride concentration of 10,000 ppm) - active substance.

150g package allows applications to 130-150 maxillary and mandibular teeth.

Foam has a neutral pH and a pleasant taste.

Duration of the treatment - 4 minutes.

The foam is applied on double spoons designed for fluoridation.

It is being used in cases of:

  • Treatment and prevention of caries lesions and periodontal disease,
  • Increased risk of tooth decay, even when established orthodontic appliances and restorations,
  • Caries of vast proportions
  • Hypersensitivity necks of the teeth and teeth whitening as well as the removal of the plaque,
  • Bone demineralization by systemic diseases,
  • Enamel demineralization after prolonged oral antibiotic therapy.

Flavour of foam makes treatment fluoridation of children's teeth enjoyable for them, they do not spit out the preparation and the gag reflex does not appear.

Sparkling bubbles of foam provide fluoride ions for tooth in a steady and continuous manner, adhering perfectly, which is much more difficult in the case of pastes or gels.

High performance product reduces the cost of the surgery-a single package until you get 130 -150 treatments including teeth of the maxilla and mandible.

The foam should be used prophylactically for six months once a month, unless your doctor specifies otherwise

You should not fill the spoons full, because the foam expands
You should spit out the excess liquid after surgery
You should not rinse your mouth neither eat or drink for 30 minutes after applying the foam

Foam Floam has a MZiOS Registration Certificate No. 4284.


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