Sterim chemical test for steam sterilization

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Chemical multiparameter tests are a popular method of evaluating the quality of the steam sterilization process. 
The indicators verify the temperature level and time of the sterilization process.
The change of the color of the indicator from blue to black confirms the correctness of the cycle parameters.
Packaging: 250 pcs x 4 (1000 pcs)

Steam sterilisation indicator strips SPS. Strips 20cm, 8 inch (250pcs) or split in half 10cm 4 inch (500pcs) for sterilization. Multi-parameter strip indicating test for autoclaves, steam sterilization process, for use in larger and smaller packs (strips division on perforation). Multi-variable chemical indicators SPS are made for monitoring all steam sterilization processes.

The test in form of a strip 20 cm long (250 pcs). It is perforated in the middle of length, which makes it easy to divide the strip into two shorter ones - 10 cm each (500 pcs).

The indicator line changing color provides the proof that steam has fully penetrated the pouch or pack that the strip was placed within.

Faulty sterilisation cycle or sterilizer must be recorrected before reprocessing.

Ink indicator strip is applied in the form of a line running along the test strip.

Due to permanent change of the color of indicator bar tests (4-inch) can be written on and kept as a permanent record.

Multiparameter test performs time, temperature and steam penetration control simultaneously during the sterilization process.

It is used to control the steam sterilization at 121 deg. C ( 9.5 min) and 134 deg. C ( 2.5 min)


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