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Surface disinfecting wipes alcohol-free for rapid disinfection of medical equipment and surfaces made of plastic, acrylic glass, stainless steel, metal, aluminum, rubber, porcelain. They can be used in intensive care, rehabilitation, treatment chairs

Disinfecting Alcohol-free Velox Wipes NA 100 pcs refill

MEDI-SEPT Sp. z o.o.


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Alcohol-free disinfecting wipes for rapid disinfection and cleaning of various surfaces of medical equipment made of plastic, acrylic glass, stainless steel, metal, aluminum, rubber, porcelain. They can be used in intensive care and the operating room, to disinfect medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, treatment chairs, incubators, ultrasonic heads and lamps.

Contain no aldehyde nor phenol so they do not discolour disinfected surface. They have a pleasant smell.

They have an exceptional cleaning properties. High material compatibility (no aldehydes and phenols) makes them applicable to many sensitive materials. High effectiveness and safety. Rapid effect of a clean and disinfected surface and refreshment. Economical use.

Wipe size 13x20 cm, 23 g / m2.

Duration: 1 min.

Composition: amine, quaternary ammonium compound

Tested in accordance with the new standards for disinfectants (EN 14885).

The microbiological efficacy:

Spectrum:Standards acc. to EN 14885Organic load
Bacteria (incl. MRSA)EN 137271 min.1 min.
Fungi (C. albicans)EN 136241 min.1 min.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. terrae)EN 143485 min.10 min.
Enveloped Viruses (HBV, HCV, HIV, Vaccinia, BVDV, Herpes simplex, Ebola)EN 144761 min.1 min.






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