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Created specifically to fight with sensitivity and soreness of teeth - due to factors such as: cold or hot beverages and foods, sour substances, mechanical factors (eg incorrect brushing of teeth), uncovered dental neck.

Mouthwash SENSIKIN

250 ml

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Created specifically to fight with sensitivity and soreness of teeth - due to factors such as:

  • cold or hot beverages and foods
  • sour substances
  • mechanical factors (eg incorrect brushing of teeth)
  • uncovered dental neck.

Contained in a mouthwash SENSIKIN potassium salts (5%) effectively help to prevent tooth sensitivity. Sodium fluoride (0.32%) - strengthening their operation - also prevents tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel. Vitamin E and provitamin B5 protect the gums and facilitate the regeneration of overlying epithelium and mucosa of the mouth.

Form of fluid provides penetration of active ingredients in the interdental spaces.

INDICATIONS: Daily oral hygiene at:

  • sensitive teeth
  • tactile hypersensitivity of dentin
  • painful brushing of teeth
  • prevention of dental caries
  • protection of gums
  • hypersensitivity after surgery teeth whitening, after curettage, after scaling and during orthodontic treatment

SENSIKIN mouthwash can also serve as assisting operation for SENSIKIN INTENSIV Gel or Spray SENSIKIN INTENSIV.

Dose and usage: Rinse mouth 2 times a day with undiluted fluid (approximately 15 ml) for 1 minute. For at least a half hour after the application is not recommended to take beverages or foods. Do not swallow. After using the product do not rinse lips with water .

As a supplement to the fluid SENSIKIN it is recommended to Everyday use SENSIKIN - Toothpaste. Formulation does not contain alcohol and therefore does not irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth (can be used, among others, by people with dryness or other diseases of the oral mucosa).




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