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Toothpastes with microspheres Blanx Med preventing the formation of tooth discoloration while protecting the tooth structure

Toothpaste BLANX MED Active Enamel Protection 100ml

100 ml

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Blanx MED is the latest generation of toothpaste utilizing patented technology of microspheres.

Microspheres are special capsules carrier, within which are located the active substances derived from Icelandic lichen. With a microscopic dimension they penetrate (while brushing your teeth) to the deep layers of the structure of the teeth and gradually release, located inside them, the active compounds. This innovative technology provides a decidedly longer protection of teeth against bacteria, while more effectively than any other toothpaste restores the whiteness of the teeth.

The toothpaste to brush teeth that contains an extract of Iceland lichen in the microspheres (carrier capsules), which provide prolonged whitening product, thanks to the gradual release of active substances from the microspheres. of microspheres technology allows the simultaneous extension of the bleaching action and protective paste. Blanx Med Active Protection enamel not only does not wear the enamel, but works cosmetically preventing the formation of tooth discoloration while protecting the tooth structure from the negative effects of bacteria.

Ingredients: extract from Icelandic lichen - microspheres usnea capillaris, sodium fluoride (0.08%), mono-fluoro-phosphate-sodium (0.8%), water, glycerin, silica, xylitol, sorbitol, cellulose gum, sodium lauryl sulfate , sodium saccharin, flavor, titanium dioxide, propyl paraben.

Establishment of paste Blanx Med

During an expedition to the Arctic group of scientists have noticed the inhabitants of this continent extraordinary white teeth. This resulted from the fact that they rubbed their teeth lichen. During the study, was isolated from the extract of the lichen substance very effectively and actively destroys the bacteria that cause tooth decay and eliminates staining on the teeth.

Note: The paste should not be used in the presence of scratches or cuts the oral mucosa.

20 RDA abrasiveness ratio

Capacity: 100ml.




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