Air purifier AP Neo z Wi-Fi

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AP Neo is a very efficient device, so it can be used in rooms with an area of up to 100 m2. Two layers of HEPA filter placed in the filter cassette effectively clean the air of PM 2.5 particles, fungi and bacteria.

Advantages of the AP Neo air purifier:

     7 stages of air treatment,

     pre-filter, HEPA H13 filter (first layer), activated carbon filter, zeolite filter (molecular sieve), HEPA H13 filter (second layer), cold-catalytic filter,


     cleaning surface up to 100 m2,

     the ability to control via a Wi-Fi network,

     sensor monitoring the level of pollution GE USA,

     touch control panel,

     colorful air quality indicator,

     filter cartridge life - 30 months


     night mode

     filter replacement indicator,

     tilt sensor

     parental lock

     turbo mode.


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