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VACUFORM cushions

Surgical cushions VACUFORM used for a comfortable head position of the patient on dental chair, carefully adhering to his head and neck. After sucking the air out using pump or suction system, it becomes firm and comfortable for the patient. It limits moves of a patient head, laying it in the desired position by the operator.

The secret of perfect fit to the body by the mattress and cushion VACUFORM 2.0 technology is the foamed polystyrene microspheres which are thoroughly arranged in the vacuum (air suction) creating a firm, fully stable form.

Vacuform 2.0 vacuum cushion and mattress catalog is available at: catalog-vacuform2.0.pdf

WARNING!!! Before placing patient on a cushion / mattress VACUFORM, make sure that the patient has removed all sharp objects (hair clips, etc.) That could pierce the surface of cushions / mattress. To protect the surface of the cushion we recommend placing dental napkins on it.

Dental cushions VACUFORM used in surgery

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