Vacuform 2.0 triangular pillow

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Cushion VACUFORM ®  2.0 is used for a comfortable head position of the patient on dental chair, carefully adhering to his head and neck. After sucking the air using pump or suction system, it becomes rigid and comfortable for the patient it limits greatly the ability to move his head, laying it in the desired position by the operator.

It can be cleaned and disinfected. Do not use sharp disinfectants that could damage the surface of the cushion, eg containing acetone. If the unit is equipped with a suction system, you do not need to use the pump VACUUM.

The black pillow is made of artificial leather.
The cleaning method is the same as the others.
The exception is the ban on disinfection
with a product containing alcohol!
The gray pillow is made of nylon foil.

Easy to use, for immediate use. Appreciated by dentists in many countries around the world.

VACUFORM 2.0 is made of soft, delicate material latex-free, filled with special, styrofoam balls. It is equipped with specially designed valve that allows suction of air and creating a vacuum.

WARNING!!! Before placing patient on a cushion / mattress VACUFORM, make sure that the patient has removed all sharp objects (hair clips, etc.) That could pierce the surface of cushions / mattress. To protect the surface of the cushion we recommend placing dental napkins on it.

Unlock the valve after use to restore original softness and surface of cushion.

Universal application:

- Recommended during reception of the children whose head does not reach even the headrest

- Recommended for anxious patients aim of laying the head in a certain direction for a long time

- For long dental treatment

- Prevents shake the head during X-ray images

Innovative micro-spatial system VACUFORM 2.0
The secret of a perfect adaptation to the body by a surgical mattresses and pillows are VACUFORM polystyrene microspheres that are stabilized by vacuum to give a solid and complete the form. Reducing the diameter of the bead filler fifth enables a more precise adaptation to the body of surgical mattresses. The new micro-spatial system increases physical comfort for the patient as compared to conventional solutions.

vacuform- triangular

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