protective goggles ISILUXX

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The cover is ready to use right out of the box.

They protect against infections and guarantee very good vision.

No irritation or tickling of the eyelashes!

They can be worn over prescription glasses and at the same time provide comfort.

The shields do not slide off the forehead even when the head is tilted strongly back.

They do not require any adhesives or supporting tapes.

They are convenient to use, comfortable and do not irritate the nose, even when they wear out during a dental procedure.

The light films used in the covers provide adequate protection against acidic liquids, gels, dust and sand during tooth sandblasting.

Flexible foam makes the covers fit perfectly and slightly stretched and have no sharp edges.

They fit perfectly when turning your head to the side.

Open sides allow for excellent ventilation at the same time provide adequate protection.

They guarantee protection during the treatment between the lips and eyes.

One universal size with tinted or clear lenses

Tinted lenses protect against light and increase patient comfort

  • German product

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