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Ultra-Etch, a 35% phosphoric acid solution, has the perfect viscosity for precise application and excellent control.

Self-limiting etch depth (average depth of 1.9 μm after 15 seconds of etching),

creating an etch pattern that adhesive materials can penetrate, leading to increased bond strength.

Studies show that Ultra-Etch's unique self-limiting chemical composition,

on dentine creates an optimal surface for resin reception.

Although Ultra-Etch is tacky, it is able to penetrate even the smallest crevices or occlusal surfaces

due to its capillary-enhancing physical and chemical properties.

The ideal viscosity results in a film that is thick enough to prevent premature drying.

Ultra-Etch is indicated for use on dentine and enamel to create an optimal bonding surface.
It can also be used to remove impurities from composites on porcelain prior to bonding.

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