Breeze™ Self-adhesive resin cement.

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The product is available in self-mixing syringes that guarantee quick and easy application.

After application, Breeze immediately bonds to the dentine and enamel as well as to the restoration surface – easily and in one step.

By eliminating the stages of etching, the use of a primer and a bonding agent, the possibility of post-treatment hypersensitivity is reduced and simplifies the procedure, contributing to the improvement of well-being and saving time. Characteristics and advantages Exceptional bond strengths - Breeze is one of the best self-adhesive resin cements in terms of retention.* Dual cure mechanism - light cure or self cure for maximum versatility. Convenient, self-mixing syringes - direct and accurate, one-step application with minimal waste, no hand mixing required!

Fluoride content - ensures a constant release of fluoride to minimize the risk of caries.

Versatile range of shades - choose from A2, clear and opaque white.

Indications Ideal cement for metal-porcelain restorations, zirconium oxide/alumina restorations and glass fiber inlays.