Medical waste container

Tax included

Product advantages:

- made of waterproof plastic - polypropylene,

- resistant to punctures and other mechanical damage,

- has the opinion of the National Institute of Hygiene No. EZ/13/2013,

- meets the requirements of the ASTM F2132 standard - has been puncture tested,

- equipped with a warning label with a place to enter the required information and the inscription "Caution! infectious material."

The container is intended for temporary storage of waste materials suspected of containing pathogenic microorganisms 
or toxins, including i.a. needles and syringes, cannulae, pipettes, scalpels, blood containers,
as well as small parts of the body and organs. After filling or expiration of the period of use,
the container with the entire content should be tightly and irreversibly closed (special system), and then intended for disposal.

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