Paroex mouthwash

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Packaging: 300ml

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Antiseptic rinse with a pleasant refreshing taste to fight periodontal disease for optimal gum health.

It is intended for short-term therapy.

The main advantages of using SUNSTAR GUM ParoeX 0.12% fluid: - bleeding and inflammation of the gums and periodontitis, - bedsores after prosthetic and orthodontic work, - for professional plaque control to improve the health of irritated periodontal tissue, - ideal both before and after surgery, tooth extraction and implant placement, - rebuilds gum tissue, also fighting aphthae, thrush, erosions and other inflammatory reactions.

Improved Dual Anti-Bacterial System:

Chlorhexidine (0.12% CHX) - has proven properties to reduce bacterial plaque and helps to rebuild healthy gum tissue.

It has a broad antiseptic effect, long-term inhibits the formation and development of harmful bacteria responsible for the formation of bacterial plaque and the problems of periodontal disease.

Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) - neutralizes and binds to toxic pro-inflammatory lipopolysaccharides (LPS) released during bacterial decomposition.

CPC increases the antibacterial power of chlorhexidine (CHX). The lower CHX content in the new SUNSTAR GUM ParoeX formula is as effective as products with a higher CHX content.

The benefit is less side effects (e.g. discoloration).


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