Meridol gum protection

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Meridol toothpaste fights the root cause of gingivitis - the bacteria below the gum line. Effective and gentle as a balm, the formula has a soothing effect that keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy. More than 7x more effective help in protecting against bacteria*, up to 12 hours when using meridol®1 paste.

The dual-action formula ensures immediate and long-lasting effectiveness.

A unique combination of active ingredients with antibacterial properties

- amino fluoride and stannous fluoride

- selectively fights the causes of gingivitis, and not the symptoms themselves.

- Aminofluoride binds stannous ions and transports them straight to the gum line where they are released and exchanged for calcium ions from the saliva.

- Stannous ions protect the gums from bacteria by reducing their number and inhibiting the formation of plaque along the gum line.

The use of meridol gum protection toothpaste helps to prevent oral problems such as:

- Gingivitis

- Bleeding gums

- Gingival recession

- Periodontitis

- Plaque deposition and caries

- The formation of caries

The most important features: reduces bacteria at the gum line effectively fights plaque protects against caries maintains the natural balance of the flora in the mouth