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Gel for stopping minor gingival bleeding.
Packaging: 5 g

Gel for stopping minor gingival bleeding caused during dental procedures in the oral cavity and helpful in gum retraction; eliminates bleeding without discoloration or deposits. It can be used to stop bleeding directly or with retraction threads. It is especially recommended: - during the preparation of carious cavities, - when grinding teeth for prosthetic restorations (crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays), - to stop bleeding during the removal of a small fragment of the marginal gingiva or an overgrown gingival papilla from a carious lesion, - in case of bleeding from the pulp during the treatment of its inflammation with vital methods; is an effective hemostatic agent, - in the preparation of the gingival pocket and marginal gingiva when taking an impression for prosthetic or orthodontic purposes, assessing the marginal tightness of fillings or the adhesion of permanent prosthetic reconstructions (including those based on implants), gluing orthodontic rings, performing scaling and removing calculus; supports the effectiveness of the retraction thread. HEMOSTAT® applied to the bleeding site creates a superficial protective layer. Bleeding stops after a few minutes, which enables one-session treatment without the need to put on a temporary dressing.


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