Filtek Universal / strzykawka 4g

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Universal, light-curing composite material for direct anterior and posterior restorations.

The use of Natural Match technology and 8 specially designed colors together with Extra White (XW) and Pink Opaquer (PO) shades allow you to create aesthetic fillings that do not stand out from the natural tooth tissues.

Aesthetic, versatile nanocomposite that features an improved resin system to reduce shrinkage stress while offering a simplified shading system (single layer composite application technique).

  • simplified color selection;
  • universal opacity;
  • additional colors Extra White(XW) for bleached teeth and Pink Opaquer (PO) for masking undercuts;
  • fluorescent pigments that give the filling a natural look;
  • easier polishing;
  • increased resistance to abrasion and cracking;
  • the applied technology of nanoparticles from 3M ensures gloss retention for a long time;
  • improved X-ray visibility.

filtek universal 4G

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