Conseal F 1g

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Low viscosity crevice sealant with excellent thixotropic properties.

Packaging: 1g syringe


Light-curing, one-component, low-viscosity fissure sealant with excellent thixotropic properties.

The optimal fluidity of the materials enables uniform filling of fissures and anatomical openings of the teeth.

The low polymerization shrinkage of the unique resin provides the material with marginal tightness and excellent mechanical retention in the fissures.

Thanks to the high fluoride release, the product combines clinically proven effectiveness with the possibility of intensive fluoride prophylaxis.

The unique inorganic phase of the material containing filler particles with a favorable composition maximizes the release of fluoride.

sealing fissures and fissures of healthy teeth
extended sealing of fissures and fissures of teeth with initial caries
Conseal F 1g