G-aenial A'CHORD 4 g

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Metamerism effect - 5 basic shades of G-aenial A'CHORD allow you to obtain the aesthetics of 16 classic VITA shades.

For more demanding cases, it offers additional neck, opaque, enamel and bleach shades.

Natural fluorescence guarantees invisible restorations in any light.

High and easy to achieve gloss saves time and ensures a long-lasting aesthetic effect. Indications:

- Direct filling of Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities.

- Direct filling of wedge-shaped defects and root surface defects.

- Direct material for veneers and diastema closure Metamerism effect

- 5 basic shades of G-aenial


- With just 5 basic shades, the aesthetics of 16 classic Vita shades are achieved

- Easy to polish and sculpt thanks to the non-sticky Bis-MEPP monomer and optimized filler monomer

- Provides aesthetics and strength to anterior and posterior restorations

- Beautiful invisible and naturally fluorescent final effects in all lighting conditions (UV and even near UV) - Exceptional polishing and high gloss

thanks to specialized proprietary technology

- Expanded range for extreme challenges: 2 cervical shades for older patients, 3 opaques to mask discolorations and preparation lines, 2 enamels

for natural translucency and 2 whitening shades for brighter smiles

- A special blend of monomers ensures long-lasting color stability and long-lasting, beautiful restorations

- Radiological transparency (318% Al) optimizes temporal radiological control.

G-aenial A'CHORD

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